TPN-OPM deny responsibility for recent shootings

West Papua Media Alerts

JUBI, 12 June 2012The leader of one of the OPM group which is based along the border with PNG insists that the OPM is not responsible for the series of terror shootings that have occurred around Jayapura recently.

The OPM leader, Lambert Pekikir, said that the Indonesian government is always trying to demonize the OPM  He said that they (the OPM) are well aware of the recent spate  of shootings since shots were fired at a German visitor some weeks ago, having read all about it in the local media. ‚Like others, we too are very confused with these developments.‘ He said: ‚We have written to the government and to all relevant governmental institutions that we are not responsible for these acts of terror.‘

He said the OPM as making preparations to fly the Morning Star flag on 1 July this year to mark the organisation’s anniversary but this is…

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