TNI Commander Admit Soldiers’ Overreaction in Papua

West Papua News Network

TNI commander Admiral Agus Suhartono admitted on Tuesday (12/06) that security officers had overreacted with their handling of the security situation in Papua, where violence has escalated for the past couple of weeks.

Admiral Suhartono referred to the alleged attack of a village in Wamena, Papua by a group of TNI soldiers. It was reportedly in retaliation for the killing of a fellow soldier by an angry mob after he and another soldier, critically wounded, almost hit a child while riding a motorcycle through the village.

“We should take lessons from this situation. They [TNI soldiers] shouldn’t have overreacted. But we must also understand the emotional states of the soldiers,” Admiral Suhartono told reporters after the Cabinet meeting at the presidential office.

“We don’t want other overreactions by the TNI there because we don’t want any human rights abuses,” he added.

Admiral Suhartono said the TNI had made an agreement…

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