Theo van der Broek: Jakarta-Papua dialogue: It’s nothing but talk-talk

West Papua Media Alerts

JUBI, 12 June 2012Solving the Papuan conflict by means of peaceful communication has been constantly talked about by the government, by traditional leaders as well as by  religious leaders in Papua as well as in Indonesia but nothing has happened yet, said Theo van der Broek, chairman of the Franciscan  KPKC in Jayapura.

‚Everyone is talking about a peaceful settlement. Papuan church leaders met the Indonesian President at the beginning of the year when the President recognised that dialogue was the way to resolve the issue.

‚The matter was then handed over the Vice-President but the government has taken no further action .  I haven’t seen any follow-up. Everyone is just talking, but the promises are nothing more than promises.‘

He went on to say that violence and terror are still continuing in the kampungs as well as in Jayapura.

‚Although the problem is getting more and more complex…

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