President Yudhoyono asks minister to investigate Papua problems

West Papua News Network

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has asked chief security minister Djoko Suyanto to examine the cause of problems in Papua that have led to a number of violent acts in the region recently.

„Before leaving, I hope you could make efforts to overcome the problems in Papua. Study them to see if there are political or social aspects involved, which later affect security and local aspects. If we could find the cause of the problem, it would be easier to find its solution,“ he said, before holding a limited cabinet meeting on security and political affairs here on Tuesday (12/06).

President Yudhoyono expressed hope the planned visit of Djoko and other ministers to Papua would result in a solution to the problems in the violence-ravaged area, where a number of civilians were killed recently in a shooting incident.

„While you are there, you must also give a proper explanation to the…

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