Imparsial criticises police for the death of Mako Tabuni

West Papua Media Alerts

JUBI, 14 June 2012

Imparsial, the Indonesian Human Rights   Monitor, has expressed its deep regret at the action by the police who shot Mako Tabuni, the chairman of KNPB, the National Committee of West Papua, resulting in his death.

The executive director, Poengky Indarti said that if the police suspected that Mako Tabuni was involved in recent acts of violence , they should have acted in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Code

‚It is extremely regrettable that  the police shot Mako Tabuni, as a result of which this activist died,‘ she said.

She went on to say that the police would have needed evidence in order the conduct an investigation. and if they did have such evidence in this case, Mako Tabuni should have been taken into custody and treated as a suspect.

‚The procedure would then be for the police to summon the person in question for…

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